Cypress Furniture Care

CarePageWhile cypress is nearly indestructable, and weathers to a beautul shade of silver, some of our customers prefer the oil treated look that slightly darkens and preserves the fresh milled appearance.

We treat our furniture with Olympic Maximum. This product contains linseed oil to help keep the cypress fibers strong. It also contains a UV light repellant to aid against sun exposure, mildew/fungus growth and water damage. For a more natural look use Olympic waterguard. The oil is available at Lowes.

Simply brush or spray on and allow to soak in. Wipe off the excess and allow to dry. One day is usually long enough before the piece is able to be used. Oil your furniture once or twice a year depending upon the exposure to the elements, most importantly the sun.

To clean your furniture, we recommend Murphy’s Oil Soap or any mild cleaner. To remove the mildew, use one part chlorine bleach to three parts water. Re-oil when dry.

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