About Classic Adirondack Furniture

The lumber we use to make our furniture is handpicked rough cut cypress that we allow to air dry.  When ready, we plane each board to size.

AboutPageThe cypress trees come from hardwood forests as a byproduct for pulp and paper mills.  Clear cutting is prohibited;  all trees are allowed to grow to maturity then carefully harvested so as not to disturb the knee or “nose” of the tree, allowing new trees to sprout.

Our lumber is chemical free and environmentally safe.  We round-over all edges for a nice smooth feel and route cut all joints to create an interlocking system for strength.  Fasteners are top drade stainless steel screws concealed with hand cut plugs.

Cypress is a naturally oily wood that resists rot and insects.  Small splits along the grain of the wood naturally occur and will not affect the integrity of the furniture.

With minimal maintenance, our furniture will become that comfortable old chair you remember in grandpa’s yard!

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